• Why you should enroll?

    Healthy people take fewer sick days

    Preventing and managing lifestyle diseases

    Functional fitness improves productivity

    Lower medical insurance cost

    People like wellness program

    Energized people perform well

    People commit to caring organisations

  • S10.fit Enterprise

    S10.fit enterprise portal is a self help tool to administer s10.fit app and the users

    S10.fit Enterprise Portal Features

    • Subscription management
    • Employe on-boarding
    • Company branded health & wellbeing website with social media links
    • Wellness dashboard
    • Health screening campaign
    • Health centre management
    • VinCense biometric screening station

    App Features

    • Setup - Profile, PARQ screening, Physical activity assessment and goal setting
    • Exercise - Daily exercise program, Choice of personal trainer bots and training by virtual BOT trainer for exercise sequence, repetition, intensity and progression
    • Diet - Daily nutrition needs and foods to choose
    • Dash Boards - Track and monitor progress on exercise and diet program
    • Challenges - 5 levels and 150 challenges to attain super human Fitness
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