• S10.fit App Features

    The S10.fit app is the first bot gym. It has been created to improve the lives of people in millions. It is a low cost, effective and convenient way to adopt a healthy life style.

    • Setup - Profile, PARQ screening, Physical activity assessment and goal setting
    • Exercise - Daily exercise program, Choice of personal trainer bots and training by virtual BOT trainer for exercise sequence, repetition, intensity and progression
    • Diet - Daily nutrition needs and foods to choose
    • Dash Boards - Track and monitor progress on exercise and diet program
      • Fitness - Health benefits Vs volume of activity, Fitness parameters Vs type of activity, Performance Vs Intensity of activity
      • Health - Information related to vitals, body composition and health data
      • Weight - Calorie consumption and change in weight
    • Challenges - 5 levels and 150 challenges to attain super human Fitness
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    S10.fit is health and wellness BOT designed for those people who have understood the benefit of exercising, right dieting but looking for a convent, effective and affordable way to adopt a life style for eternity. This program will help solve part of the right living tasks much faster and easier than the classical gym’s and hospitals.

    S10.fit will also be helpful to those who want to hone their body shape to get a new age shape. You can use new skills to stay healthy, keep off diabetes, look beautiful, tide over depression and failures. Exercise is important in maintaining functional independence for healthy aging. Moderate physical activity can substantially reduce the risk of developing or dying from heart disease, diabetes, several forms of cancer, and high blood pressure, prevention and management of overweight/obesity and osteoporosis .These programs are based on Exercise Medicine.

    "Exercise is Medicine" the new age miracle, where physical activity and exercise forms a standard part of disease prevention and medical treatment paradigm. Exercise medicine provides standards for prescribing the right dose of exercise based on the current physical activity and health condition. S10.fit programs are designed using EM principles to proactively deliver personalised programs and health insight.

    Ageing is associated with low oxygen intake, low muscle reparative capacity, bad life-style, toxic load, environment, cross linkages of adjacent collagen fibril due to lack of activity. It has been established that "With maximal oxygen intake, muscle strength and flexibility, the best preserved 65-year-old can out-perform a sedentary 25-year-old”. Right quantity and quality of exercise helps in developing and maintaining cardiorespiratory, muscular fitness and flexibility in adults to improve their health, fitness and performance.

    A comprehensive review ever carried out in US listed the epidemiological, medical, and social science of regular exercise and its role in promoting human health. Over 8000 articles reporting the benefits of exercise were reviewed in preparing this report. Overwhelming scientific evidence indicates that regular physical activity can bring dramatic health benefits to people of all ages and abilities, with these benefits extending over the life span and improve the quality of life.

  • Anyone between 18 – 60 years old with no prior health problems and have not been diagnosed with specific health conditions is a candidate. Older adults or adults with chronic conditions should develop an activity plan with a health professional to manage risks and take therapeutic needs into account. This will maximize the benefits of physical activity and ensure safety.

    No, it is generally not required. For people with normal health and fitness level Self-directed assessment works. For people already under doctor’s care for certain health conditions it is advised to take their opinion. If you have some concern or doubts about your health condition contact a doctor or access our doctors from program module for online, offline, phone or mail consultation for an exercise prescription.

    Your exercise medicine prescription will be emailed to you within 24 hours. You’ll be prompted to create a secure login on S10health.com website or download s10health app to view and download the prescription.

    The complete process will take about 10 mts. Get started ...

    You will be screened for your general health and physical activity levels. A comprehensive bio age assessment is also available for a more detailed and holistic assessment.

    The online programs only assesses your current general health and physical activity levels for the purpose of issuing an exercise program. If you have health related issues we recommend that you consult your physician first or alternatively we could refer you to a physician in our network.

  • Our BOT instantly reviews the physical activity assessment, goal and health condition of the users and based on Exercise Medicine creates the right exercise program.

    We would work with you to understand your reasons for not being satisfied and will provide a redo of your prescription at no extra cost. Contact

    You will get access to my Programs that will have exercise schedule for the day and nutritional requirements guideline for the day. Just click my Programs / Exercise, you will get the activities for the day, the activity sequence, no of sets, count per set and intensity of the exercise for the day.

    Personal BOT trainer support the pivotal moments in exercise training. The BOT trainers are programmed to help users with exercise schedules to enhance health, fitness and performance. The tasks that the BOT trainers execute are

    •   • Scheduling daily workouts.
    •   • Exercising along with the users to provide the sequence of exercise, the intensity of exercise, the count for each set and the break between exercise.
    •   • The BOT trainers also provide periodic progression assessments to transition to the next stage. BOT trainers are highly personal and effective.

    Users can learn from the BOT trainer the right way to do the exercise. You can preview the exercise and learn by getting on the mirror mode. Your image will come alongside the BOT trainer. You can compare and see where you are making the mistake and correct. You can also get into the mirror mode when you are exercising.

    Yes, the whole program is in your mobile. You can exercise anywhere any time.

  • Yes, you can chrome cast the program to your TV. You can also use other streaming products to stream to the TV.

    There a number of indicators to see your progress as you go on with your programs, these details will be shown as a progression over a period of time and how well you are on track to achieve your goals. You’ll be able to view this over a secure login on S10health.com website or through the s10health app that you have downloaded.

    You will Look good, look attractive, be healthy, move comfortably, achieve peak performance and feel good.

    High Energy to excel in work, reproductive wellness, family health care management, prevent disease and attractive looks.

    Save precious time of going to the Gym and hospitals with the BOT trainer to learn the multiple bio hacks for right living at the convenience of home, park, office or hotel. If you are traveling, Rain or shine you have no hindrance. Do it at the safe and healthy environment that is right for you. Just follow your time line to stunning future.

    Considering the cost to be paid for managing lifestyle diseases over a long period of time, it is very cost effective, as low as Rs 200 per month.

    No, our assessment is scientific, based on current medical evidence, what type of exercise is best suited for the goal to be achieved, taking into account the health status. An easy functional approach that can be done at home.It is not only cost effective, it does not involve any machines.

  • There is no such thing as failure. Some exercise is better that no exercise. You will be better than where you were earlier.

    To live a beautiful and a fulfilling life. You could view some of the success stories.

    Commitment and diligently following the plan. It is scientifically designed to help you achieve success.

    As expected out of any success, hard work, personal sacrifices, setbacks and money. Remote assessment, viewing progress on your own to understand what you have achieved and guidance from our team of exercise professionals will ensure that you stay focused.

    If you still have queries. Use the form below. We will be more than happy to address.