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Understanding the Toddlers’ World
27 Jan' 21

Understanding the Toddlers’ World


See the World Through Your Toddler’s Eyes!

Time flies! Now that your baby has become a toddler, he takes his first tentative steps - his first major move towards independence. This is one of the most memorable milestones during your child’s first year because there’s nothing sweeter than the pitter-patter of those tiny feet!  Raising a toddler isn’t that easy. Toddlerhood comes some unique challenges. These little ones try to communicate things but get frustrated when they can’t express it. They crave for independence, but don’t like to be away from you. They are happy and laughing one minute and the next moment end up screaming on the floor. Yes, toddlerhood behaviour could be baffling to parents!  So understanding your toddler helps you stay better connected with your child.

Here are a few pointers to help you understand your little bundle of joy better. Get set to enjoy the toddler years and have a calm, regulated child.

Be ready to listen and encourage talks: If your child has started to communicate a few words, be ready to listen to him and try conversing even though he doesn’t understand a word of what you are saying. Stop whatever you are doing. Get down to your child’s level. Make an eye contact and convey an understanding in your face and voice and listen to what he has to say.

Patience is the virtue you need now:  Sometimes your toddler may do things that drive you simply crazy.  Toddlers love repetition. They repeat actions over and over again. Repetition is a process of learning and developing. So be patient. Repetition helps to master certain new skills.

Join your child’s pretend play fun: Pretend play is an amazing part of toddlerhood. It shows that your child’s imagination is at work. Encourage your child. If your child uses a building block as a cell phone to talk, you also try using a building block like him. It greatly helps your toddler develop his imaginative and creative skills.

Set a good example: Remember your toddler loves to imitate. If you want to show your toddler to treat your pet dog with kindness or speak softly to others, demonstrate him. Even if your toddler does not fully understand what you are trying to say or do, he will definitely begin to understand that there is a reason to do things in a certain way.

Encourage their experimenting skills: Toddlers are little scientists and explorers. They learn by exploring the world. What you think to be a ‘bad behaviour’ may be really just an exploration or experimentation. They may throw an object and observe how it bounces back or drop an object in water to see if it sinks or floats. Encourage experimentation. Exploring is good. So help your toddler explore.

Your toddler’s independence, curiosity, creativity, persistence, and even his stubbornness can drive you crazy. But these are the qualities that let him thrive in future. Try to see your toddler’s world through his eyes. May be you will see the magic in everything! Your little one is not trying to be naughty. It is just he is trying to figure out how things are around in this world. So, do not restrict him, let him explore. This helps your toddler set the stage for developing into a healthy individual.


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