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Sunscreen protects our skin to some extent but it doesn't prevent tanning over time.
22 Feb' 21

Sunscreen protects our skin to some extent but it doesn't prevent tanning over time.


The vital requirements of our skin cannot be compromised and it needs to be pampered.

Here are some natural and home remedies to remove those tan lines in your skin.

Tomato: It is an ideal ingredient for de-tanning your skin. It is enriched with beneficial antioxidants and vitamin C that accelerates the growth of collagen in the body, which prevents your skin against sunburn, pollution and smoke. It also contains lycopene, which acts as a natural sunscreen. It fights cellular damage and regenerates new cells.

Gram Flour: Gram flour does wonders for your skin. It is not only used for tan removal but also has immense beauty benefits. It lightens your skin tone and thereby can also be used to remove tanning from neck and arms. It has anti-ageing properties too.

Curd And Honey: Curd reduces pigmentation and acts as a bleaching agent. The natural acids and enzymes present in curd help to exfoliate your skin. Similarly, honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It contains antioxidants that heal skin damage caused by sun rays



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