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Have you heard of a “silent disease” which causes your bones to break?
20 Aug' 16

Have you heard of a “silent disease” which causes your bones to break?


In men and women, the density of bones begin to diminish from an early age of 30. Inactive lifestyle is the most important factor which induces early ageing causing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. Physical activities help in reducing or reversing the risk of frail bones and chronic diseases.

Age-related changes in bone

Bone is a living tissue. As people age, the arrangement of bones change; resulting in the loss of bone tissue. Low bone mass refers that the bones are fragile and places people at the possibility to crack from a sudden bump or fall. 
As people age bones become inexplicably fragile for a number of reasons, including:

  • A sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle causes bone wastage.
  • Becoming less dense and more brittle due to the loss of calcium and other minerals
  • Ligaments, connective tissues between bones become less flexible, reducing elasticity
  • cartilage, which is responsible for cushioning between bones becomes more influenced to stress due to less water content

The metabolically active tissue constantly breaks down old bones and supplants it with new ones, therefore adapting itself. When the body miscarries to form new bones or when too much of old bones are being reabsorbed by the body or an amalgamation of both these aspects lead to bone disease. Most people are not concerned of the silent disease “Osteoporosis” actually being the reason for the fracture during minor fall.

Osteoporosis -The Silent Disease

Osteoporosis is frequently termed as “the silent disease”which occurs over the years without any signs. A fracture caused from a minor fall from standing height is the fragility fracture, being the first symptom of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs at times when not adequate new bone is formed or excess loss of bone, or mutually, and hence the bone is delicate, weak and most probably to break easy leading to frequent fractures.

What is the risk of Osteoporosis?

Women are more likely than men to get osteoporosis; Hormonal changes – in women, menopause triggers the loss of minerals in bone tissue. In men, the gradual drop in sex hormones leads to the later development of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can be developed more likely to certain people who get through these ‘risk factors’ which include

  • Family history of low bone density and fractures
  • Smoking & drinking alcohol
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Low body weight
  • Low dietary intake of calcium
  • Lack of exposure to sunlight leading to vitamin D deficiency
  • Medical conditions like low oestrogen levels (women), inflammatory steroids and chronic diseases.

How to identify Osteoporosis?

Habitually an individual is unconscious of the disease till a fracture or injury happens and sometimes even these symptoms can be noted. People are diagnosed with Osteoporosis as early as 30, reflecting the bones of an 80 year old!

Identify the silent disease before a fracture through bone density tests, control the rate of bone loss/ monitor the outcome of the treatment and predict the risks of fracture in the future. Early detection of the patient’s bone strength and condition can advantage the doctor to choose the best treatment for osteoporosis.

How Sports Medicine can help

Overcome osteoporosis with the holistic and integrated Sports Medicine & exercise therapies at SafeCare Network hospitals, as we provide

  • Functional fitness like bone & muscle strengthening exercises
  • Osteoporosis diet plan rich in Calcium and Vitamin D that are good for bone health
  • Fall prevention program to be free from the risk of fractures

Get fit and healthy in a functional way by consulting with our Sports Medicine Doctors and make it your “destination of choice”. Call 044 40 510 510 to book an appointment today!


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