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Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan
27 Jan' 21

Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan


Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan is an acclaimed Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeon, Dentist, Scientist, Researcher and Professor based in Chennai. He has established world-class dental care facilities in the city including Rajan Dental Institute and The Chennai Dental Research Foundation. Dr. Rajan is one of the pioneers of advanced dental care in India, and was the first to perform Zygomatic Implant Surgery, software-guided surgery and the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure.

Why did you sign-up with the S10 Health app?
The digital agehas introduced advancementslike never before, wheresmart devices and apps even bring better health to you.

Doctors too want more efficient and reliable approaches to patients and their care- this is where the S10 Health apphelps. S10 Health is a very vital, sustainable application that provides clear patient information.

What are the other benefits for doctors from the S10 Health app?
As we are innovating, it is essential to remain error-free in all that we do. Technology like the S10 Health app creates a standardised method to maintain an error-free system of documenting information; patient history, prescriptions and other diagnoses.

How will the S10 Health app influence the health care practice globally?
The S10 Health network facilitates the exchange of information on a global platform, giving doctors a 360 degree perspective on their patients’ diagnoses.The increased awareness is sure to positively impact dental tourism as well.

The S10 Health app will also benefit the process Clinical Auditing, asthe necessary data is available in one accessible place.

Patients may have concerns about the S10Health app. How would you advise them?
The S10 Health network is user-friendly and transparent.No filling up forms at every other visit to the doctor! Enter your details once on the S10 Health app and use it for life. All your information is at one point, saving time and money. 

“Customised health care powered by the S10 Health app is the way forward. A single sign up or download of the app connects doctors and patients in an instant.S10 Health allows me to connect with health seekers by managing the technical arm of my practice.”


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