Here’s what you get:

General fitness

1.Roadmap -  Create your own goal and route to live well 

2.Plans - Personalised diet, workout health and high-performance plans based on your current health status and goal. 

3.Dairy - Monitor how your activity performed is impacting your progress in health and fitness 

4.Singa - Prompts and reminders at pivotal moments to reduce time and improve effectiveness of your activities. 

5.Stun meter - Intelligent wellness journal along with mood tracking gives you a dynamic holistic wellness meter 

6.Daily cuppa energy - Daily quotes and affirmations to create a more positive environment 

7.Pervasive care - One touch video consulting with medical experts and chat with our doctors

8.Support - Virtual health body and Health coaches to give you 24x7 support

9.Overcome fear - Check your symptoms and find out the cause

10.Great lifestyle - Adopt healthy habits and quit unhealthy one