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Whole person wellness for employees
Whole person wellness is more than just absence of illness among employees. It is about optimizing physical, mental, emotional and social health of employees to live the best possible quality of life.
Enabling whole person wellness, positively affects business results.
Work better
Employees work better if they are motivated, emotionally strong and when they continuously build on their strengths. With health coaches and singa - The AI driven BOT, employees get the support to live the best possible quality of live. In cases where the employee need higher levels of support they have access to mental health and other experts who can help them deal with their issues. Supporting people on their softer issues creates a high performance environment.
Employee Health status
While organizations have been evolving rapidly in promoting health and wellbeing at work-places, the lack of awareness of the employee about his current health status can impede demonstrable results and health outcomes. Employees being aware of the current health status and having easy access to preventive care helps employees address health issues proactively and increase the chances of preventing diseases. This directly translates to lesser absenteeism and avoidance of presentism, which increases productivity of organization and lessens the cost of healthcare for employers.

Solution For enterprise
With, organisations need not worry about their employee preventive healthcare activities. Just sign up and add the employees to the control panel, will start working on improvements for each and every employee in a personalised manner without compromising on the employee information privacy and security. The solution consists of health education, easy access to healthcare, preventive care, wellness, high performance tools and safe working environment
Health awareness
  • Dedicated wellness manager
  • Better employee engagement through personalized health articles, webinars and blogs
  • Online Consultations and 24×7 doctor support
  • Special offers on medications and diagnostics
Easy access to preventive care
  • Digital work stations onsite for periodic check - HR, Temperature, SPO2, Random blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Doctor bot station with symptom checker API
  • Access to 60 K doctors through online consulting
  • Referral to doctors of all specialities
Company sponsored health programs
  • Health screening of employees based on organisation defined frequency
  • Set employees health improvement goal and see improvements through visual graphs and pie charts
  • Employee screening at work place to rule out Covid symptoms
High tech Control panel
  • De-identified employee demographic health data
  • Wellness calendar and actual implementation progress status
  • Managing company sponsored preventive screening and wellness plans
  • Leaderboard for departments and individuals on performance and progress
Mastering hybrid work week
  • Hot-desking, self-service workplace booking to avoid crowding
  • Equal opportunity to wellness inside or outside office
  • Dedicated managers to keep employees engaged even at home
  • Coaches guide induviduals who need mental health support
Safer work place
  • Screening for infectious disease for employees, staffs and visitors
  • COVID protocol based access to work places
  • QR code based touch-less check in to work places
  • Count of the number of people in a building to limit occupancy
  • Canteen food nutrition value calculation - "know what your eating"

Top 10 reasons for employees to use app

  • Roadmap - Create goals and chart a scientific route to live well
  • Plans - Personalised workout, diet, health and high-performance plans based on current health status and goal
  • Dairy - Monitoring how every activity performed is impacting progress in health and fitness
  • Singa - Prompts and reminders at pivotal moments to reduce time and improve effectiveness of activities.
  • Stun meter - Intelligent wellness journal with mood tracking gives a holistic wellness status
  • Daily cuppa energy - Daily quotes, affirmation and activities to create the energy for a productive day
  • Easy access to care - One touch video consulting with medical experts and chat with our doctors
  • Support - 24X7 Virtual health buddy and Health coaches support on appointment
  • Overcome fear - Check symptoms, find out the cause and access care immediately
  • Great lifestyle - Adopt healthy habits and quit unhealthy ones
So, in a

Nut Shell,

  • We increase employee engagement
  • Prevent employee burnout
  • Reduction in medical expenses
  • Whole person wellness for employees
  • Better employee health status

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