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Schools play a vital role in the formative years of a child. Every staff member, parent, administrator and management of school wants to see the students of thier school succeed, and acquire the skills they will need as adults.
While in every school Physical Education and health classes are an integral part, the evidence is clear that the skills and knowledge gained through these programs alone are not enough to lead lives that are physically, emotionally, socially and mentally healthy. By adopting for schools, we can set students up for success in the classroom and beyond. for school is excited to be working with schools to create healthy school communities that support the wellness of all their members (students, teachers, staff, parents and volunteers). All your students and school staff members deserve a healthy school environment that supports their well-being and builds a foundation for learning
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Healthy Students

Research confirms that students do better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy. They miss fewer classes, are less likely to engage in risky or antisocial behavior, concentrate more, and achieve higher test scores. Unfortunately, too many students go to class in less than optimal health. We help you identify students with less than optimal health and work with the parents to over come issues.

Alround impact
on the child's future
Students spend most of their productive childhood time at school. Schools can make the best foundation for students by inculcating healthy habits that has alround impact on the child future. Enabling whole person wellness of every student as a brand promise will make your school stand out from the crowd. We help you deliver on the promise and go to town with it.
complaince with government regulation
  • The school screening program which is highly automated and technology driven addresses the health needs of children, both physical and mental, and in addition, it provides for long lasting healthy behaviours and habits which last forever.
  • A health promoting school is one that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy sitting for learning, living and working involves a very high cost infrastructure which delivers at lowest cost through technology.

Solution school has the essential tools you need for enabling health awareness, providing easy access to health care, improving the wellbeing and adhering to government mandated health screening for students, staffs and employees of the school. Each module in the app is quite effective alone, you can use them individually or use them together.
Mandatory government health programs
  • Periodic preventive Health screening for students as mandated by the government education boards - Matriculation, CBSE, Kendrya vidhyala, ICSE, state boards and RBSK (Rashtriya bal swasthya karyakram )
  • Automated Student health records and reports for the government as per government guidelines
  • Health status of your students through pie charts and bar graphs for annual improvements
  • A Control panel to view visible results in your student's health improvement through visual graphs and pie charts.
Safer school
  • QR code check in to schools through ID card
  • Daily student screening at schools to rule out Covid symptoms
  • Social distancing and screening for infectious disease
  • Canteen food nutrition value calculator - know what you're eating
  • Be engaged with students even when they are learning from home
  • Self monitoring and declarations of symptoms
Student health awareness
  • Wellness calendar and a dedicated manager
  • Better student engagement through personalized health articles, webinars etc
Easy access to healthcare
  • Online consultations and 24×7 doctor support
  • Special offers on medications and diagnostics
  • Access to over 60k doctors from various specialities
  • Access to psychological counselling for better performance of students
Wellness plans for students
  • For general fitness, athletic performance and girl student wellness at affordable prices
Health coaching
Onsite healthcare support
  • Onsite digital health station
  • Onsite clinic, pharmacy with PA and regular doctors visits
  • Tie up with neighbourhood hospital for emergency support
Build a brand
  • App branded in school’s name
  • Brand your schools on our social media
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Comprehensive school health can effectively improve both health and education outcomes, and help students to be healthy, lifelong learners.

What are the benefits for my school?
  • Enhanced whole person wellness including physical, mental and social health of the whole school community
  • Healthy student perform better academically
  • Decreased behavioral issues in classroom and schoolyard
  • Healthier students have positive mindsets
  • Enhanced student and parent engagement
  • Better class attendance
  • Improved staff morale and productivity in a healthier school
  • Improved home, school and community partnerships enhances brand value of the school
  • Force multiplier for your school improvement plans
  • Facilitates implementation of Ministry of Education Policy / Student health program (e.g. Health screening, Daily Physical Activity, School Food and Beverage, etc )
Why parents need APP ?
  • Easy and cost effective access to health care
  • Identifying and preventing diseases in the formative years make students a healthy adult
  • High performance, lesser behavioural issues and active children
Why students need APP ?
  • Awareness and Learning to live a healthy life style
  • Access to high performance programs that makes their dream come true.
  • Peer to peer social recognition motivates children to hone their skills
So, in a
Today's children are the citizens of tomorrow's India. Their survival, protection and development are, therefore, the prerequisite for the future development of India. Empowering children to meet their basic needs and enabling them to grow to their full potential is the primary goal of for School
If students make schools and nations flourish, we are their growth engine,

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