5 non-dairy RICH CALCIUM sources

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1.Chia seeds

Just 45 grams of chia seed daily can provide you with the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. This can keep your bones, teeth and nails healthy. Chia seeds are also loaded with fiber and protein which helps keep you a fuller longer time. The high-quality protein in it can help in muscle growth. Mix it in your smoothie or make pudding to increase its intake.

2. Sesame Seeds

The tiny sesame seeds, black or white both are loaded with calcium. They are also excellent sources of manganese, zinc and copper. Just 30 grams of sesame seeds can provide you with 300 mg of calcium. Adding it daily to your salad or smoothie can reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis. Besides, they can also help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and decrease the level of cholesterol.

3. Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are particularly rich in manganese and calcium. 20 grams of these tiny seeds can provide you with 300mg of calcium. These seeds are also rich in protein and copper. Having poppy porridge or poppy hawala daily can help your body utilize amino acids, fats, and carbs and also keep your bones healthy

4. Dark Leafy Greens

Dark, leafy greens are also an incredible source of calcium. Methi leaves, moringa leaves and kale particularly are high in calcium content and can be a part of your daily diet. Just 150 to 200 grams of these green leaves can provide you with a sufficient amount of calcium. Besides, they are rich in iron, which is essential for the formation of red blood cells.

5. Ragi

100 grams of ragi or finger millet can offer more than 300 mg of calcium. This variety of millet is also rich in potassium which helps to maintain blood pressure levels. Being exceptionally rich in iron, ragi can help our body to produce hemoglobin. Studies suggest that this millet is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes as it does not spike the blood sugar level

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